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The landscape around how we are getting our news is also changing. Websites matter to Canadians. As consumers become savvier and websites more sophisticated, online purchases of household goods are increasing. In general, internet users are more at ease doing their online business with Canadian retailers or governments than U. S sites. Canadians are increasingly comfortable with smart home technology.

As the internet evolves its impact on the lives of Canadians expands, changing the way we work, connect with friends and family and consume products and services. Though much of the effect is positive, concerns around data privacy and security are becoming increasingly important as Canadians spend more of their waking hours online. Of those Canadians with a home internet connection, 92 per cent have consistently said in recent years that having access to high-speed internet at home is important. More revealing, though, is that 95 per cent noted that high-quality internet access that enables them to easily and reliably download information, load web pages and use applications is important to them.

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The number of Canadians with unlimited data packages at home is growing. Bandwidth-intensive applications like video calling and movie, TV and music streaming mean the demand for unlimited data is stronger than ever. More than half of Ontario and Nova Scotia residents have unlimited data at home. Satisfaction with the amount of data included in home internet packages has increased in the past five years:.

While internet performance is improving across the country, the digital divide persists and depends primarily mostly on whether Canadians access service from urban or rural locales. Those living in highly populated urban areas tend to have better internet performance across the board than those living in remote and rural communities. Overall, provinces are edging closer to the target set by the CRTC for all Canadians to have broadband speeds of at least 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload by , though some are getting there faster than others.

Speed is just one component that goes into creating a seamless internet experience. In order for the internet to perform at its optimum, homeowners and businesses need both raw speed and high quality, which is measured in latency, jitter and packet loss. New Brunswick has been ousted from its top placement in the last two years by both British Columbia with an average of New Brunswick only managed Upload speeds, which are important to homeowners and business using services such as video calling and cloud applications are also rising, though not as radically — from an average of Canadians living in British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick enjoy the fastest download speeds in the country while the speediest uploads occur in British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick.

This only partially measures their experience as studies have shown that game play is tolerable at ms latency the Canadian average is about Based on this, the Canadian average is considerably worse than this proposed standard. Variability or jitter reflects the fluctuations in latency, and ideally, this measurement is made between successive data packets. Packet loss is the number of transmitted packets that fail to arrive at the intended destination.

CIRA presents packet loss as the percentage of total packets sent. When we examine quality metrics by province, we find that Quebec and British Columbia continue to be among the best provinces to play video games or have reliable video calls — basically anything that calls for real-time bi-directional communication. However, performance is also improving for rural Canadians — download speeds increased from 11 Mbps in to On-net tests measure your speed and quality from your computer to a testing server located in your ISPs backbone.

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Notably, averages are skewed based on the types of users running tests during the measurement period and can be impacted by any significant event such as a media story that may result in higher tests in a specific region with higher or lower typical performance. Many Canadian Internet service providers currently employ north-to-south transit pipes to transmit data, relying on hubs in the United States.

There are 11 IXPs nationwide, which ensure all those who are "plugged" into one, including internet service providers, content providers and businesses, can exchange data directly, keeping it in Canada. The more data sovereignty there is in Canada, the better-protected Canadians are by Canadian privacy laws and the less they rely on infrastructure outside our jurisdiction. Manitoba MBIX mbix. Montreal QIX qix. While desktops and laptops remain the most popular devices Canadians use to access the internet, smartphones and other mobile devices are steadily growing as the device of choice.

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Almost half of all Internet users use a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to access the internet. While only a small percentage of Canadians use voice-controlled connected-home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod to go online, their popularity is rising — their use jumped 60 per cent in the last year.

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Note: Canadian territories are excluded due to insufficient data. Results are affected by the types of users that ran tests in each period i. The use of a mobile device as the device used most often to access the internet continues to climb, while the use of a computer as the device used most often has steadily declined over the last three years. Most Canadians spend at least hours online every day — shopping, using social media, emailing, banking and catching up on news and current events. One-in-eight Canadians spend more than eight hours a day online.

Canadians are spending time online watching TV and movies, listening to music and catching up on current events. Fewer Canadians are paying for a subscription to Apple Music this year compared to last, and online subscriptions to magazines and newspapers have also dropped.

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Most internet users who watch TV, movies or video online at least occasionally seek out Canadian content. Perhaps given the dominance of French-speaking Canadians in Quebec, its residents are most likely to hunt down content specifically made by and for Canadians while almost 40 per cent of British Columbians hardly ever do.


Those in the age demographic are most likely to say they have, and those aged 55 and over are least likely. The vast majority of Canadians who have accessed pirated content say they are willing to pay for reasonably priced, readily available copyright-protected film or TV content online. When Canadians are looking for news online, they mainly visit specific news and media sites, conduct Google searches on news events or check out Facebook.

Newfoundland residents are more likely than the rest of the country to log onto a news site, while more than one-quarter of Nova Scotians say they usually catch up via Facebook. Despite a plethora of online streaming options for TV and movies, the majority of Canadian households still have a cable TV subscription. Around the world, online shopping is a popular way for people to purchase goods and services, and Canada is no exception to this trend — most Canadians have made an online purchase in the last 12 months, either from computers, mobile phones or tablets.

Almost without exception, online purchases of all goods and services have increased in the last five years. Purchases of household goods have almost doubled in the past five years. Almost half of all Canadians said they used their mobile phone to make an online purchase in the past 12 months. Saskatchewan residents lead the pack among Canadians, with more than half saying they bought something online from their mobile phone in the last 12 months. Canadians are careful shoppers who often do research online before going to a store to make a purchase.

The reverse, however, is not true: few online shoppers visit a retail store to browse and then make their purchase online, a practice referred to as showrooming. Three-quarters of people are comfortable using a mobile payment of digital wallet service. When given a choice, Canadians overwhelmingly prefer to buy online from Canadian businesses and retailers.

More than half of those who made an online purchase in the last 12 months intentionally bought Canadian goods and services. In recent years, all levels of government in Canada have embraced digital delivery as they strive to provide better solutions and more streamlined services to citizens. In the past year, almost three-quarters of Canadians have accessed a government program or service online, and most people state they prefer this option to in-person, over the phone or by mail.

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The majority of Canadians are also confident that governments are properly protecting the personal information they share while accessing services. Canadians most often communicate online with banks, government, utility companies, insurance providers and their workplaces. Three-quarters of Canadians say they are most likely to communicate with their bank online. Cyberattacks have become an omnipresent threat in the online world.

As news stories that detail corporate data breaches and cyberattacks become the norm, Canadians are concerned about security as they go about their online business.

Almost one-third say they have been the victim of a successful cyberattack, and most people are concerned about security issues when they go online. Almost half of all Canadians help out family or friends with limited digital skills by providing informal tech support. Technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated over the last decade, but are the smart devices we rely on for convenience and efficiency also threatening our privacy?

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