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We will fight for their physical and mental wholeness and expose offenders wrongfully placed in positions of authority. Like children, adults who are sexually abused may also pursue legal action against their abusers in civil court. Whether physically or mentally impaired or placed in a vulnerable position, we advocate for every person who has endured any type of sexual offense.

We will investigate the background of offenders as well as the processes and protocols used to grant authoritative positions to sex abusers. We handle sexual abuse cases that originate in the workplace, care facilities, prisons, and residences, among other places.

We will go after every negligent and abusive party to demand justice now and accountability for the future. If you wish to pursue a civil suit against a sex offender, please contact us at today to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss the details of your matter with compassion and confidentiality and give you information about how we can help hold sex offenders accountable for their actions.

Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. Visit Our Medical Malpractice Website. Results Count. Hundreds of Millions Won for Injured Victims. Communities Served.

Sex Abuse Personal Injury Cases. Demanding Accountability in Sexual Abuse Civil Cases Any form of abuse can cause great distress, but a lack of justice compounds the issue. Fighting to Protect Children from Sexual Harm Unfortunately, many children experience sexual abuse from people they know or trust. We advise parents, guardians and those who care for children to look for any changes in the child's life to detect possible signs of abuse, including: Loss of self-esteem: Does the child think they are worthless?

Are they highly critical of themselves?

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Increased anxiety or fear: Does the child seem frequently nervous or jumpy? Change in behavior: Have you noticed a significant change in the way the child behaves? It may not be a way that works for everyone, but this is what he tells us works for him. We believe Mr. Anderson is very likely to walk out of prison when his time is served and be standing up straight and tall.

Your only exposure to what prison is like has been through movies that sensationalize the violence, drug use, and sex in the big house. The prison bus you're on rounds a lonely highway corner and you get your first glimpse of what is to be your home for the next odd years — a steel, razor wire, and concrete house of pain. You wonder how you'll ever make it out of this hate factory alive.

You imagine your first day being gang-raped by six huge, tattooed lifers, by the end of the week you're being sold up and down the tier for cigarettes, and within a month, you're found dead in your cell with a twelve-inch "shank" protruding from your chest. Not only are you the new fish in the cell block, but you have been convicted of a sex crime, and you've heard how convicted sex criminals are abused in the joint. You're one of the thousands of innocent men wrongly convicted of sex crimes in the U.

Won't it matter to your fellow prisoners that you are not a sex criminal and are completely innocent? Not in the least. It is possible, though, to make it through prison even though you were convicted of a skin beef. You can not only live through the prison experience, you can claim some degree of victory at the end of your unjust prison term.

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Life will be neither easy nor fun for the innocent man convicted of a sex crime and sent to prison. But, surviving prison is not impossible. I have spent over seven years in maximum-, medium-, and minimum security prisons after being wrongly convicted of first degree rape — the result of my having been falsely accused of date rape by a mentally deranged woman with a history of falsely accusing men of sex crimes. I am writing this from the Oregon State Correctional Institution.

Although life has not been easy for me in prison, I have managed to keep my self-respect, my dignity, and my integrity. I have spent months in solitary confinement for defending myself when necessary. I have allowed no prisoner, no prison guard, and no member of the parole board to disrespect me due to my wrongful conviction. I have consistently maintained my innocence, even when doing so has added years to my prison term. I earned a college degree behind bars, and have even escaped from prison once. I know first-hand what it is to be an innocent man in prison, wrongly convicted of a sex crime, and I know how to survive the prison experience.

Should you sue your perpetrator?

Now that you have been falsely accused of rape or child abuse, been convicted in record time, lost all your assets along with your reputation, and been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a judge who couldn't care less that you are innocent, you would think your troubles are over. Think again. You not only have to make it out of the prison with your life and sanity, but with your self-respect, honor, and integrity intact.

Let's face it. After being wrongly convicted of a sex crime, your sanity, self-respect, honor, and integrity is all you have left. Prison will not break you if you are a man — or learn to become a man, even though the main goal of prison officials is to sap the soul from men, and spit out castrated, submissive males.

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With all the odds against you, it is even possible to walk out of prison a better man with your head held high. Again, it will be neither fun nor easy, but what battle ever is easy? You can either walk out of prison with your manhood intact knowing you beat the corrupt prison industry or you can crawl out on your belly as a hated sex offender.

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Outside Contacts Don't fool yourself that the community will be outraged that you were convicted and sent to prison for a crime you didn't commit or that may have never even occurred. You are now a convicted sex offender and your innocence means nothing. You're the lowest of the low, in and out of prison.

There will be no mass protests at the prison gates demanding your release. Most people believe the propaganda of the sex crime witch hunters and probably feel you should die in prison. Most of your friends will abandon you and even some members of your family will turn their backs on you.

Author on the problem of sex offender treatment

Only your very best friends and your immediate family will stick by your side at first and most of them will fall by the wayside in the coming years as you rot in prison. One of the most important things for the innocent man in prison is to maintain contact with at least one person on the outside. This person can help you try to prove your innocence and keep you current on what's happening outside the prison walls. If you can maintain contact with at least one free worlder to help you, you'll be doing a lot better than some prisoners.

Many prisoners lose their friends and their own families and are isolated in prison with no contact with the outside world. You are going to be walking into prison alone and will be alone while you do your time. You need at least one ally in the outside to help free yourself from the nightmare of being thrown in a cage and given the scarlet letter of a convicted sex offender for a crime you did not commit.

Prison violence For the most part, prisons and correctional institutions are not the hell holes of years past.

The "get tough on crime" craze has mutated into "get tough on prisoners. Prisoners are to be warehoused like the commodities they've become. College courses and vocational training in prison are a thing of the past. With all the new prisons being built in the U. The idea that prisoners really run the joint is a myth. Some of the older prisons are still dangerous, but these are slowly being phased out.

It used to be that only the worst, most dangerous, and most hardened criminal was sent to prison. It was no wonder that penitentiaries were dangerous. But these days, with so many first-time offenders doing mandatory prison terms and so many people being sent to prison, the nation's lock-ups have become diluted with nonviolent prisoners.

Today most prisons can even be considered safe. In all my years behind bars, I've never seen a murder, a stabbing, or a rape. I believe some prisoners try to brag how tough prison is to make themselves look tough.

They romanticize their prison experience by telling their friends and family how brutal prison was and how they had to fight for their lives every day. Prison, however, may be harder for the innocent man convicted of a sex crime because of the scorn. In the old days, a convicted sex offender — innocent or guilty — was sure to get physically attacked. Today, that is not the case. A man wrongly convicted of a sex crime can make it out of prison unharmed if he stays on his toes and keeps alert.

What about all the violence you read about what goes on in prison? Of course, violence does happen in U. Standing Up for Yourself Because you were convicted of a sex crime, you will not be winning any popularity contests with your fellow prisoners. At first, the other prisoners may mark you to be victimized and harassed. If you don't stand tall and fight back, you'll be victimized your entire prison term. You must stand up for yourself when you are tested by some idiot who thinks you're a rape-o, "Chester," "tree jumper," or "freak. Besides a little blood, neither one of us was hurt badly.

I did accidentally break a guard's hand in the melee and I've also had to fight a couple of other morons who disrespected me, but I haven't had any trouble in years. It is well worth it to spend a few months in solitary confinement for defending yourself when the option is being harassed continually in general population. Another option is hiding for years in Protective Custody PC , totally separated from the rest of the prison, and locked in a cell for hours a day.

But only the weakest prisoners go PC, and I don't recommend it. For the most part, even for the wrongly convicted sex offender, if you don't owe debts from gambling or drugs, and if you stay away from the homosexuals, keep your head down, don't bother anyone, and don't act like a wimp and whine about your wrongful conviction, you won't have to worry about prison violence. There is very little chance that you will be killed or even stabbed.


But, if something does happen and you need to defend your good name, be a man and do it. In prison, your good name is all you have. If trouble comes your way in prison, you have to deal with it on the spot.