Social security death index for minor children

In addition to data entry errors, be aware that the death date may contain month and year only, especially before Another issue is that the zip code information may lead you in the wrong direction.

Zip codes were not used until , and the location assigned to a zip code is based on U. Postal Service assignment of localities to a given zip code. This may not be the town where the person actually lived, nor where final benefits were sent. For example, a zip code of results in two Missouri town names-Chesterfield, and Town and Country.

Do not be fooled into thinking the zip code or locality of last residence is where the person died. They may have last resided in Patterson, Missouri, but actually died in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. In that case, you would never find a death certificate in Missouri. Having told you all the pitfalls to watch out for, I will say that you can still find many valuable clues in the SSDI. Let's start with who is not in the SSDI. Everyone who received a Social Security number or paid withholding tax is not in the database.

My grandmother, who paid withholding taxes most of her life, looked forward to collecting benefits upon retirement at age 60 in Her death was not reported to the Social Security Administration by anyone. Everyone who received Social Security benefits is not in the database. A young man died in , leaving a pregnant wife. The child received Social Security benefits based on her father's benefits until she was eighteen years old.

Yet no record of her father exists in the SSDI. Because his death was not reported to the Social Security Administration. He was 26 years old when he died, so there was no reason to notify the SSA. A survivor may have requested death benefits from the SSA. A family member may have notified the SSA to stop benefits to the deceased. A funeral home may have notified the SSA as a service to the family. When does this index begin? The SSA began to use a computer database in About 98 percent of the people in the SSDI died after , although a few deaths do date back as far as This version offers one feature that others do not -- it reports foreign death residences.

In addition, several software companies include the SSDI as part of their deluxe programs, or offer it for sale separately. Be selective as you use different versions of searchable SSDI databases.

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This would save all members a lot of time. I agree too. This type of information should be easily accessible from each state and should not be difficult to assemble for hospital referencing. They never gave me the Correct records to begin with, just a vague bill that has no Dr Notes or any drugs or procedures they performed. I have went up there several times and they either conceal them from me or refuse to give me her records. They have gave me a Criminal No Tresspassing Warning for trying to get my records.

Allana was only 8 and was hit by a car and killed. My Lawyer still requested me to get the Records. Why would a Hospital refuse Records unless they are at fault.

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They have sent Investigators to my house twice in one day over me contacting their lawyer. There are alot of laws broken in her case. There is no Coroner Report either. I swear I hope and pray that you get the answers that you deserve, that every single person that had even a single finger involved in your precious daughters accident gets what they deserve and justice is done.

That is the least they can do, but first they need to finally come clean and admit what they did.

You don't have to be a 'grownup' to qualify for benefits

Also never forget that your daughter was so special that God needed her to be with him to help watch over you. I hope that you can somehow find peace. I think you might only have 2 years to file a lawsuit. Get a new attorney. Did you go to your county magistrate? She died after wanting to go home. I was told by her new husband of 1.

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He used Dilantin for the second time and lost all lung function. That gave her new husband all rights and he locked her medical record so no one can get it. It feels like a cover up. I was extremely healthy until 6 months after she died. I developed exercise induced asthma and have 6 specialist. Tried 6 times. Did your mom put you down for regular dr visits to get her health info? So they could tell Me at her drs office cause she had me sign. They may rule in your favor especially since you want to know if anything is hereditary and tell them you just need to see it writing.

I mean you are her blood relative what state do you live in and did she leave power of attorney. I work with a provider that had a 17 year old die unexpectedly, the parents are being investigated by the Tennessee law do we release the records to the parents.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Survivor Benefits?

Does anything exist such as a pre-death authorization by the patient for release of records necessary for the processing of a life insurance claim? Obviously, if the patient had purchased life insurance, the patient expected the benefits to be paid. The deceased was a suicide. Her Executor is a far away family member, rather than an immediate one. Does the Executor have any obligation to the entire rest of family to request any med or Dr. Meds perscribed, mention of depression or wishing to die? Mainly meds history. Entire large family never got any info, tox screen results, or otherwise.

Do fam members have a right to the info? Is Executor obligated at all? I was wondering if I can obtain copies or gain access of treatment and psychiatric treatment records and Doctor records for my deceased fiance.

We have a year and a half old daughter together and he took his own life just over a month ago. He never appointed anyone to be his reprisentative his property that was being held for investigation was released to myself and I have been sent the autopsy and toxicology reports. He had some serious health concerns and the baby is being treated for similar health issues. I live in Wa.

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And was wondering if I would need to go to court to be appointed POA. He is also a registered Tribal Memberthe Tribein which I would like to obtain the information from is not the tribe he is registered to but is the Nation that medically treated him for the passed three years. Please let me know if you have any advice or answers for me. Thank you. I was told I have to see ajudge to get mdicsl records. I took csre of her for 7 years Handled her money everything she was disabled.

In Washington State, you should be able to request medical records for the purposes of health care for your daughter even though they are not her medical records. Since her father is deceased, he obviously cannot consent to the release.

Social Security Benefits for Minor Dependents

You may get some push-back if the person releasing the records is not fully aware of state law. It may help if you are requesting the records to be released directly to another medical provider and not to yourself. If he has any surviving relatives that could authorize the release, this might make your task easier. In WA, the hierarchy is: spouse, adult children, parents, adult siblings.

If any of these are available and willing, their signature on a release form with a death certificate could see you in possession of any records you need. If so, how?

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Thank you so much for your time. With regrets for you and I. He was bipolar I have no mental illness diagnoses and my son who could be irrational, at times denied me access during his life, even though he lived with me and I helped him in many ways. I believe I could have saved his life if I could have been involved. He had no estate or family besides myself and his sister.